Sitemaps are not updating values on Main Page in Browsers?

I have experienced the sitemap Main Page not updating values in Browsers on any OH2 setup I have (Raspberry, WIN PC…) since I know OH2 (for 1 year).

Sub Pages do auto-update values after I refresh the page, but that is still not so great behavior as I need to press refresh too often.

Now all my family uses OH2 and they like it but they get confused as values on Sitemap don’t change as they set something, until they press refresh…

I have scratched through other posts and they seem to have problems regarding misconfigured Items.
But my configuration seems healthy as all values do update on manual refresh.

I am not a Pro yet to know exactly how it works behind the scene in the browser, but I see that all requests are successful with bo errors, so not sure what breaks auto-update, but I have seen that whole page does auto-refresh after changes to the sitemap.

The openhab.log only complains about some rules, … they should not interfere, as I have seen the same sitemap behavior on another system with no errors logged.

But the Android APP works like a charm regarding auto-updating values, only on slow connections I have seen Icons got mixed about, no big deal.

I am curious, do all Openhab setups (yours / others) behave similarly to mine.

So mainly I question How the Sitemap value auto-update feature could be fixed when OH is accessed with Browser.

Thanks in advance.

May we see the first line of your sitemap?

There is my sitemap definition

I note in your earlier image that the sitemap name is MK, I guess it has a filename of MK.sitemap ?

In the sitemap extract you’ve shown us, the sitemap name is given as Mk. Not the same, character case matters.

When the sitemap name does not match the filename, the result is … no refresh.

I’m surprised that you do not see an error reporting this problem in your openhab.log at system load time. But it is possible the validator missed it, depending how it takes case into account.

What I would suggest, as filesystems and browsers can vary in how picky they are about the case of filenames, is to put both filename and sitemap name into lower case to begin with.


Thanks a lot @rossko57

I didn’t imagine that the solution was so simple. And when you asked for the first line of sitemap I went to Sitemap Instructions where it is written to Keep sitemap name and filename exactly the same (incl. character case) indeed.

The sitemap worked earlier without obvious errors logged, to be tracked later when OH is running, and Android APP worked fine.

So I didn’t have an idea how to correct the behavior as a google search on sitemaps not updating values or similar, pointed me on many nonrelated community posts and not to Instructions so I thought it might be OH system issue.

This config now works fine:


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It was a deliberate hint :wink:

Edit - I tried this out on my 2.5 system, with only an uppercase error in filename/sitemap name e.g.
sitemap Engineer label="My Test" {

and as expected it does validate and produces the message in openhab.log

2020-03-10 12:57:49.742 [WARN ] [sitemap.internal.SitemapProviderImpl] - Filename `engineer.sitemap` does not match the name `Engineer` of the sitemap - please fix this as you might see unexpected behavior otherwise.

but not as I thought at system load time, only when you load the sitemap in a browser.

You might look into why you didn’t see the message.