Slack Channel for openHAB Developers

Dear Community,

this is a great place for getting insightful information on development topics. Anyway sometimes I am missing the possibility of a developer chat for openHAB. As far as I can see, such a chat is not available at the moment. Therefore please contact me to join this slack channel: URL:

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That happens on GitHub, according to @Kai

Although not commonly used, there are Gitter rooms:

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Perfect - it seems that Gitter is the most appropriate tool here! Thanks.

There also is a discord channel. Maybe there is some more traffic.

Those are not official developer channels though. Their discussion happens on GitHub, Unfortunately many of those discussions are private I wish there was some sort of read-only access.

Please delete this slack channel again as it makes the impression that it would be something official, which it isn’t.
Please also see Chat Platform, why Slack isn’t a good choice.

Unfortunately many of those discussions are private

That’s not correct. Almost all discussions happen publicly on Github, but preferably in issues/PRs (and not a chat tool), since this helps to keep discussions focussed and on topic.

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I can delete the slack channel again. As I mentioned before there is already some traffic in gitter, so it’s all fine.

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Done - workspace deleted.