"Slave" Item in a group?


Not sure if I am having a “moment” here or is there is an easier way.

I have 3 lights, A, B and C
A and B are controlled from a wall switch (LightwaveRF) and C has a sonoffRelay on it.
All 3 can be controlled from Habpanel individually.
I want to have a group (Group:Switch:AND(ON,OFF)) with A and B) and C needs to turn on when both A and B are on and off when they are both off.

Adding all 3 to the group won’t work.

Would a FR for something like this be sensible?
Group:Switch:AND(ON,OFF):SLAVE(Item1, Item2, etc)
The state of the group would be pushed to the slave items and they would not be considered in the group logic.

I could very easily do this with a rule but I am trying to keep rules down.
I think a more in-line logic like this would help reduce the number of rules we end up creating which brings it’s own challenges.


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