Slider - hide value

Hi! i’m trying to create a custom widget for my raffstore where i can control position and inclination.
as i’m building this for mobile use i’m trying to save space.
for inclination i’m using a slider

<div ng-class="(ngModel.dontwrap) ? '' : 'slider-presets-wrap-adjust-peta'" ng-init="sliderModel = { item: config.lamellen_item, floor: config.floor, ceil: config.ceil, step: config.step, unit: config.unit, hidelabel: true, hidelimits: true }">
  <widget-slider ng-model="sliderModel"></widget-slider>

is it possible to hide the value of my item as well?

I’m trying to figure this out myself. Did you ever figure it out?


I don’t know about HABpanel, but in the ordinary UI’s you opt to show a text version of Item value in the Item label definition, the bit in the square brackets.
Switch myLight “blah blah [%s]”
Omit the [], no text value. Don’t know if HABpanel honours that as well.