Slider Not Working?

Using openHab 1.8 with InsteonPLM binding. Everything is working well so far except the Sliders in the UI. If I setup the dimmer as a switch, the switch works fine in the UI and toggles the light on/off. However, if I change this to a dimmer, I get a slider and cannot change the level of the slider. If I manually set the light levels via the Insteon app, the slider updates to represent the light level. I just can’t use it as an input!

Here is my item:

Dimmer mainHallLights “Ceiling Lights” (GF_Hall) {insteonplm = “2F.D5.DF:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=2D.46.05”}

Here is my sitemap for the item:

    Frame label="Hall" {
            Text label="Hall Test" icon="firstfloor" {
                    Slider item=mainHallLights switchSupport


Hoping this is just a simple issue that I’ve missed!

Thanks, Chris

I think that is why there are no dimmers in the demo sitemap, this just does not work in the classic UI. I hope someone is working on it, because right now the only way I have to change my dimmers is iOS app.

The bug has been submitted: