Slider vs. Setpoint numeric format

I have defined a Slider and a Setpoint widget for a Dimmer item that is bound to an MQTT topic:

Slider item=dg_LichtDachboden_Dimmer
Setpoint item=dg_LichtDachboden_Dimmer minValue=0 maxValue=100 step=10

Changing the slider does in fact set the dimmer. But pressing the +/- keys on the Setpoint does not have any effect. The value published to MQTT when using the Slider is an integer (“10”). The Setpoint does send a floating point number instead “10.0”).

Is there a way to control the output format of a Setpoint?


I got the setpoint widget to work by adding a REGEX output transformation to the mqtt item:

Dimmer dg_LichtDachboden_Dimmer "Dachboden [%d %%]" <dimmablelight> (gMQTT) {mqtt="<[mqtt:/fhem/dg/LichtDachboden/dim:state:default], >[mqtt:/fhem/dg/LichtDachboden/set/dim:command:*:REGEX(([0-9]+).*)]"}