Slider widget - show / hide pointer on the fly?

I have a custom widget that is using the slider widget inside it, I’d like to set ‘hidepointer’ to false when the slider is clicked, and then set ‘hidepointer’ back to true when the slider button is released.
I did a little checking and think it may be possible to use ‘onStart’ and ‘onEnd’ as options - but I don’t understand how to do it.

Can anyone explain if the above is possible? - here is the code I use inside the custom widget

<div class="slider-div" options="heatslider.options" ng-init='heatModel={"name": "heat", "item": config.setpoint, 
                    "floor" : 10, "ceil": 28, "step": 0.5, "hidelabel" : "true", "hidelimits": "true", "bigslider": "true", "hidepointer": "true" }'>
  <widget-slider ng-model="heatModel"/>

Also, is there any reason why the above would be slow to render? - the rest of my openhab page loads quickly, but the slider appears 1-2 seconds later…

Anyone know the answer to this? Otherwise I’ll have to do a bit of a re-think on my heating setpoints :slight_smile:

Edit - Ok I finally worked it out… in-case anyone else wants to do the same;

.bigslider .rz-pointer:not(:active) ~ .rz-bubble {
display: none;
.bigslider .rz-pointer:active ~ .rz-bubble {
display: inline;