Slow Alexa -> OH Responses

Current Setup:
OH 2.3 Build 1204
Running on Windows Server 2012
Alexa control via Hue Emulation

Over the last couple of months I’ve begun to notice a degradation in service between a spoken command to Alexa and the execution of that command by OH. I’ve been traveling frequently so I haven’t had the opportunity to examine the behavior over a long period of time.

For the last couple of years I have had Alexa and OH working together to execute voice commands quite reliably. You would speak the command and within a half second to a second, Alexa would respond 'OK" and the command would be executed. It seems like within the last 90 days or so the response time between asking Alexa to turn on the lights and the lights turning on now takes 5 seconds plus…the blue light just circles and circles and then finally you hear “OK”. Sometimes Alexa responds that the device is not available, yet the action triggers right afterwards.

I have looked through the logs and can find nothing that jumps out at me. The items are all tagged properly and have worked for quite some time. I haven’t added anything to the system and am stumped as to where I can look to see what is causing the delay.

I have yet to update to 2.4 as I understand I have to remove all of my devices from Alexa and have her rediscover them all again as changes occurred in the binding and the way Amazon stores the devices.

Anyone have any recommendations as to where I might look or adjust to get Alexa back to her snappy self?

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I don’t know but to me it smells like network latency, internet latency
I’m pretty sure Echo’s do most/some of their processing in the cloud (could be wrong). I’ve experienced where the speed/quality of the internet connection provided by the isp degraded over time as the number of subscribers increased. Then apparently backbone upgrades restores performance. Also consider what is running on the local area network and the wifi (Alexa is Wifi right?) Is number of phones, tablets or wifi devices increased? How bad is traffic on the lan?

Thanks for taking the time to respond…that was my first thought as well.

I’m on a dedicated symmetrical 1 gig service with 10-20% utilization throughout the day. In looking at my home network infrastructure it’s all gig switching with 25-35% utilization throughout the day.

All other non OH calls via Alexa perform as expected with almost instantaneous responses. To me it seems that it’s the way OH is responding to Alexa’s request.


this is interesting…
next thought… have you seen this?
in this thread Alex (s1r) points out certain echo commands slow the system to, in his words, ‘a crawl’. If you read down toward the bottom, he has convinced me (I tested) and he points out several commands in particular which are especially slow

Interesting, but I am NOT using the Alexa binding…I’m just tagging my items and using the HUE emulation to trigger.

All I’m really doing is turning items off and on…

Oh, that’s right, I remember from first post, sorry

Are you using the new hue emulation service (2.5 snapshots)?

@David_Graeff, no I’m still using the 2.3 version

Ah ok that implementation is particularly slow as with every item change and every item command it enumerates all items. With many items that is indeed slow.

It was running fine with the same number of items then at some point in time slowed down. I guess I need to go back and see if I made any other system changes.

It’s driving me crazy.

Squid :octopus:

FYI thew items that slow down the system are:

  • title
  • musicProviderId
  • amazonMusicPlayListId