Slow or lacking communication between Smartthings bindings and OH3


I connected my Smartthings V2 hub to OH3 and I see all my devices and they generally work fine. I can turn them on and off most of the time. The issue is “most of the time”. Last night I was using one of my contact sensors and opened and closed it while watching the event.log file.
The Smartthings app always saw the correct status within a second but in only 1 out of 10 times I got the event properly shown in the event log (and OH3 showed it in the iPhone App).
When i then looked at a few other devices I also saw quite a few missed events like I turned a light on with ST but that even also never made it into OH3. If I turn off the light in OH3 it works after a second or so and the event is properly shown.

I have maybe 50 to 60 devices on my ST hub connect with Z-Wave and ZigBee. So these two buses are probably fairly busy with a lot of status updates like temperature, battery status, and so on coming through.

I thought about leaving my devices on ST and do all the automation with OH3 since I don’t trust Samsung to keep the ruling engine alive and as good as it was in the past. I’m using WebCore on the ST side. And lately the ST ruling engine seems to miss a lot of timers with lights going off too early or not at all. So I want to get out with some time on my hand before I’m forced to do it quickly. My whole house is controlled with ST so losing the automation would put a few things into jeopardy.

Any idea on how to improve the communication?