Slow reactions


I’ve got a little problem with OH speed,

I have classic switch. If i click at switch, e.g. ON, led is ON substantially immediately, but switch status in OH UI change after few seconds, sometimes after 1-2 min, sometimes never.

Any advice how fix it?

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OH 1 uses an unreliable library for getting updates from the OH server to the web page or phone apps. This is fixed in OH 2 but will not be fixed in OH 1.

Do you happen to know on “what side of the fence” this problem is? Is this a problem on this client side (the UI implementation), meaning that another UI using the Rest API would not have this problem, or is it on the server side meaning that any UI implementation would be hit by the problem?

Its on the server side and has to do with the use of the Atmosphere Framework. That framework has been replaced in OH 2 I’ve been told. I think any UI that depends on websockets would see this problem.

How can I check which version of OH I’ve got?

If you don’t already know you almost certainly have OH 1.x. If you installed via apt-get you have 1.8.2.