Slow startup of OH2


I’m trying to use OpenHab2 with a cortexA7 with 600 Mhz clock and 512MB of Ram. I don’t know why, but I can’t use the environment of openhab because it’s really slow.

I want to know if my configuration is good enough to use OpenHab2.

Thx in advance for your answer.


I see on this topic that the problem is not new:

In this post, it talk of issue with karaf. It say that OH works better without it. At this time, used the openhab-offline-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT. Do you know, how to do to desactivate karaf?

Afaik karaf is a underlying service, there is no way to “deactivate” karaf. karaf is the replacement for eclipse (or so…)

600MHz/512MB is a very minimum hardware, a Raspberry Pi 2/3 should fit better, but is also not that fast…