Slow z-wave responses

I’m using Openhabian with OH3 running on a Pi4 with a Aeon Z-stick. It’s all running reliably, no errors in the logs, but I’m getting up to 10 seconds delay on some actions… A room with 5 nodes may turn one on within a couple of seconds and the last will come on 8 seconds later.

Restarting OH seems to solve it for a few days.

Also just noticed that my log file modified date was changing but the contents were old. Could that be the issue? delays while it’s trying to write to the log?

Any quick thoughts?

Wasn’t there an issue with the Aeotec stick and RPi4?
You either need the very last version of that stick or move it over to a powered USB hub if I remember correctly. Google it…

Thanks. Already have a powered hub :+1:. System works great, it just slows up after a few weeks.

Do you have any nodes that were not properly excluded from the network? If so, these “zombie” nodes can degrade your network performance as they might be used for routing messages, which will obviously not work. Try to get rid of these nodes, there are several threads on the forum for this issue.

Maybe you changed the physical location of one or more nodes? In this case ensure that Z-Wave network heal is active so all nodes learn their new neighbors and old information is being deleted.

Removed all the zombies a few months back. No errors, everything works, just gets slower over time. The network heals each night by default I believe.

How many total nodes? Are any of them included securely?

I’m guessing these are light bulbs you are talking about? Are they in groups and you are triggering the group to turn on?

??? come again?
The logs should be changing and updating all the time, something is up has nothing to do with zwave. What does the load look like on the host?