SM103 Z-Wave Database Update

Would someone please be able to help me update the SM103 Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor?

I have the Everspring SM103 but when I add the Thing via HABmin2 it comes up as an unknown device.
It seems to be recognised as Z-Wave Node 2 (0116:0001:0001:1.2), which looks like a different Manufacturer ID to the SM103 in the database.

I guess this would be a pretty simple addition to the database, but I am not confident of how to do it or that I won’t screw up things if I do.

I have read many items on here and at but most of it is over my head at present.

Could anyone help to add the above item please?



Please can you provide the XML file from OH2 for this device - it will be in the /userdata/zwave folder. I’ll then add it to the database as it should be very quick to do.

Thanks Chris, I am trying to move away from my Micasaverde Vera which I have had for a few years now, but the learning curve does seem pretty steep at present, although the potential is huge. :smiley:

I am running a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Z-Wave.Me RaZberry 2 module and have managed to get that working in a basic fashion.

I managed to find a zwave directory in /var/lib/openhab2/ which looks like if has the xml files that I think you are looking for.

Here is the SM103 file:

node2.xml (4.9 KB)

Is it possible to add another maybe while you are there, I have found that my Everspring HSP02-1 isn’t recognised either?

node4.xml (4.5 KB)

Really appreciate your help with this and your great work on OH2.



Thanks Gary - yes, if you’ve installed through apt-get then the folders are different, but this looks fine.

For the HSP02 can you confirm that the configuration here is consistent with the version you have (ie make sure the parameters are as per your manual. Likewise for the SM103 - check that it’s the same as here.

Assuming they are consistent, then it’s a simple job to add them and I’ll try and do that tonight.

Hi Chris, yes they both look consistent with my manuals on these.

Thanks very much.


Hmmm - are you sure that node 2 and node 4 are actually different devices? If so, we have a problem since both these files use the same device ids…

I noticed that too, but the second time i removed and added node 4, it didn’t find an ID at all. very odd.

Both devices actually have exactly the same information, so there’s no way to tell them apart. I suspect that there’s something wrong somewhere if it’s not downloading the IDs - I would remove the XML and restart the binding to see if it sorts itself out. As it stands I can’t add the HSP02 to the database.

OK, I have removed all Z-wave and reset, then added back in.
The controller and my AN157 Switch came back fine, but not the SM103 or HSP02, they wouldn’t get as far as giving me a Manufacturer or Type/ID this time.

I have tried several resets on the devices but not change.

I will think on it over night and try again to see if i can get some valid ID’s from them.

Thanks anyway for now.

The battery devices will need to be woken up so that the binding can configure them. There will be some more button pressing required to do this, and you may need to wake it up a few times to get everything configured.