SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0 with 2x Sunny Boy 3.0 - Text file Configuration

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It would be great if someone could post an example for text file configuration (*.things and *.items) in order to get an overview how to set it up with smaenergymeter binding.

I’ll get an SMA Energy Meter (Sunny Home Manager 2.0) with 2x Sunny Boy 3.0 connected.

Maybe @monnimeter can help?


Pls note that energy meter and Home Manager are different things.

Have a look at
It does more or less what the Home Manager does, but implemented in openHAB so you can tweak it yourself, for about the same price.
Granted I haven’t adapted it to a SMA box but would support you with that part for free.

Thanks for the hint - I mean Sunny Home Manager 2.0

Hi @Selter,

usually you do not need a .things text file configuration (at least I never tried it with my SMA Energy Meter). There are 3 parameters (IP Multicast address, Port and Timeout) - but these are usually all the same for all SMA Energy Meters as factory default (IP:, Port 9522).
The EM will be automatically discovered as long as no-one changes the factory defaults.

If you want to create your own items file - here is the pattern (the serial number becomes the thing-ID):

// SMA Energymeter
Number			PV_Power_In				"Bezogene Leistung"							<energy>			(CHART, PV_Power_Chart)		{ channel = "smaenergymeter:energymeter:190023xxxx:powerIn" }
Number			PV_Power_Out			"Eingespeiste Leistung"						<energy>			(CHART, PV_Power_Chart)		{ channel = "smaenergymeter:energymeter:190023xxxx:powerOut" }
Number			PV_Energy_In			"Bezogene Energie"							<energy>			(CHART)						{ channel = "smaenergymeter:energymeter:190023xxxx:energyIn" }
Number			PV_Energy_Out			"Eingespeise Energie"						<energy>			(CHART)						{ channel = "smaenergymeter:energymeter:190023xxxx:energyOut" }

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