Smart alarm systems

Hi everyone just wondering if anyone has a smart alarm system like yale, ring ect that can be integrated into OH

nope . but also looking to infest in yale smart locks for my doors.

Freudian slip?? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

hahahah ooops

invest :blush: :crazy_face:

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Smart locks are one of the only products I’m not actually interested in seen too much bad stuff about them

There’s always one issue with them they are super easy too hack or they are super easy too bypass physically I have seem plenty of the major manufacturers having there doorlocks hacked open in a matter of seconds

The ones that are super hard too bypass physically have extremely poor security

The ones that are nearly impossible too hack are easy too bypass

Although the research I was reading was a couple of years ago it may be different now

might be a problem in south africa.