Smart Blinds Upgrade - Available Options?rt Blinds


I’m considering upgrading my 20+ blinds with smart ones. There are few options out there

  1. Invest in totally new blinds - rather expensive
  2. Retrofit kits (sample below, from Tilt) - about $150 per blind
  3. DIY

Here in the US, IKEA sells Frytur. I tried them and was ‘not’ convinced. They are available in only few sizes, and the color choices (grey) are difficult to match (color/style).

Any input from the community regarding #2/3 above? Pros/Cons/alternatives ?

Browse the forum, please. Many posts on that topic. Make sure you talk about the same kind of blind and functionality, the term “blinds” is ambigous.

Thank you… doing some reading now, was curious about specifics relative to openHab. Will search forum as you advised.