Smart Bulbs with Long Range

I want to replace the outdoor bulbs and place them on a timer. Ideally I want the bulbs to be cheap. The plot is pretty big and some of the bulbs are far away from the home in the driveway. So question is what bulb would be upto the job?

If the range is a problem and a cheap solution is needed, why don’t you use something like Shelly in order to make the switch smart. That way you can continue use to use the existing cheap bulbs, the range is not a problem and those switches are cheap.

If all you want is a simple timer, do you really need to connect these to your home automation at all? Could you use a simple mechanical or electronic lighting timer? They even make some that screw inbetween the light and the socket.

It’s always worth asking the question “should I automate this, is there a better solution?” I still have some lights controlled by one of those dumb motion sensor switches. Works great and there’s is no need to link it up with my OH.

If these lights are controllable from the house, a Shelly like opus recommends is probably your best bet.

Personally, I always recommend smart switches with dumb bulbs. It ends up being cheaper in the long run and your wall switches will still work, making your entire automation system more robust and easier to use by children and guests.

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There are eight different light bulbs outside. And some of them are connected to two seperate switches inside. Plus the switch type is

And there are other switches on the same plate. Smart switches are of a different type and it would look weird if one of them was different.

You don’t understand how Shelly1s work. They don’t replace your switches. They get wired between your switch and the lights and reside inside the box behind the “dumb” switch. For example:

NOTE: The Shelly1 is actually smaller than it appears in this picture.

And while there are fewer options, they do make smart switches in that form factor as well.

The only gotcha is you will probably need to configure the switch to act as a toggle instead of up=ON and down=OFF because the Shelly1 can’t physically move the switch when you remotely turn the light on or off. But this is easily done in the Shelly firmware which you access using a web browser.

There are lots of tutorials on this forum.

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