Smart devices via Amazon Echo Control Binding

got a question regarding the Amazon Echo Control Binding in OH3: I got a Tuya device I cannot flash with Tasmota, so I tried to connect it via the Amazon Echo Control Binding. But looks like the device is not recognized. I can see all Echo devices as well as the groups. But no devices

I configured the binding to show the devices from skills except the OH skill. My config looks like this:

    amazonechocontrol:account:MYACCOUNTNAME "Amazon Account" @ "MYROOM" [

MYACCOUNTNAME and MYROOM replaced with my personal strings of course.

anyone an idea whats going wrong?

In general you should avoid mixing textual and UI configuration of connected things (i.e. bridges/things). I would therefore recommend to add the bridge in the UI.

What type of device is it? Some are not supported.

I have this working with other Alexa Devices. I have the binging/thing configured in the Main UI. Once connected the binding will enumerate all Alexa devices.