Smart fire sensor

i’m working on a " smart fire sensor " . this is the circuit diagram i have followed .

but i used an esp8266 01s wifi module instead of the esp8266 12 used in the diagram ( the esp8266 01s has no GPIO13 or GPIO15 pins ) .
i have flashed the esp with the firmware i’m using , and also connected it with my wifi network and my home automation server , but when i tried to check it using mqtt fx before getting started with binding it with openhab it gave me no response .
is the problem is due to the two missed pins ( gpio13 and gpio15 ) ?
and if so , is there any way to solve this problem ?

Did you write your own firmware, or one from a tutorial? There are probably a number of people on this forum who have some experience here, but you may get better help in forums dedicated to the esp8266, or at the original tutorial.

I’ve moved this to hardware, as this isn’t a solution.

This is hardware communicating with MQTT, not openHAB related and off-topic for the forum.

i think it isn’t a software problem as i could flash it and bind the esp with my wifi and home automation server .
i think the problem is in the missed pin gpio13 as it is responsible for connecting the optocoupler to the esp …!

Well, if I understand you correctly, you have firmware which expects an optocoupler on GPIO13, but you don’t actually have anything connected to GPIO13? If this is the case, I presume the firmware is just erroring.

I personally can’t help much more, though I would suggest seeing if you can get logging out of the esp8266 itself.