Smart light switch


right now, I have a classical non-smart setup for ceiling lights: fuse box --> switch -> light

My idea is that I can control this setup with OpenHAB2 when I replace the switch with a smart switch, which can (beside the classical switch function) send the current on/off state to OH (=sensor) and act on OH commands (=actuator).

Do you know a smart light switch, or can you even recommend one?


The Sonoff comes to mind

Hey Pope,

thank you, that goes in the right direction, but I don’t want to use WiFi for such an important system like the light network. It is dependent on the router…

In the meanwhile I have found this: from HomeMatic. I have to do further investigations whether it fits in my plans.

Is there a smart switch powered by EnOcean? Somehow I find the energy harvesting idea very interesting…