Smart Lock: which one to chose?

Hello to everyone,

I am looking to get a Smart Lock for my house, but I am very confused… I have seen few topics on this, but nothing it could help me on deciding…

  • requisite one: zwave ; is this the only communication/technology supported for smart locks and OpenHAB?
  • two steps security: is there anything in the market (openhab compatible) that allow a two-steps security? (proximity + keypad or proximity + finger scan or Bluetooth + RFID or what else?)

If you have used/installed a Smart Lock, would you mind to share brand used and your experience?

I live in Australia, but travelling in Canada at the moment, so I was wondering if it would be smart for me to get one here (more market = much much cheaper!!!) :slight_smile:

Many thanks all!



I don’t see any answers.

I’m interested in something similar., I don’t have a zwave requirement, I am interested in what proximity solution are supported in openhab.

I would be interested in the answers to the exact same questions as well.