Smart Plug Recommendations - UK

Hi There,

I have just successfully setup Openhab on a Rasberrypi 2, so I;m pleased with myself, not being the most technically minded person.

I already have a tellstick running on another raspberry pi which switched some nexa power sockets on and off. I haven’t tried connecting this to Openhab because it looks rather complicated. I far as i can see I need the tellstick core running on the same rasberrypi as Openhab for this to work properly?

I already have some aurdino parts on order from china, so I can have a go at making some sensors, which looks daunting but fun

I also have a Wemo switch which seems to work OK, but seem alittle unreliable but these are very expensive and I’m looking for a cheaper way to switch wall sockets and lights on and off using Openhab. Can anyone make suggestions, which don’t involve a complete aurdino DIY solution. I’m in the UK, so I have been considering lightwaveRF and Energenie MiHome both os these seem reasonably prices compared to z-wave or wifi options. I also really want something which works well with openhab and is as futureproof as possible. Also both of these options look just like normal wall sockets which aesthetically looks much better in my view. I know that’s a big ask to futureproof, but any buying advice would be much appreciated.

I know you said you think Z-Wave is expensive, but it hits your other requirements for appearance and longevity, works well with openHAB, there are several vendors and options, and uses a mesh network for potentially good RF signal quality.

Thanks for the input, I haven’t seen z-wave the just replaces socket faceplates without the need for the extra external plug socket unless you have suggestions?

You can get ZWave dimmer plugs (or regular switches), check Vesternet. Note some of the cheaper ones don’t have association groups, so don’t report back their state, which means you have to poll the device ever xseconds etc. No biggy, but that’s something to consider if you want the most expensive ones.

However I think this is too expensive as it’s £25-£35 a socket + dimmable LED bulbs.

So my current thinking is (haven’t tried it out yet) zwave for all light switches (Fibaro for me as I only have a 2-wire system), then Philips Hue bulbs for lamps. These are now £15/bulb now for the white ones which is a decent price. £59 for the starter set with the hub and two bulbs. Then control it with OpenHab so when a Zwave switch is pushed, the linked Hue bulb turns on etc…

You can put the zwave module relays behind sockets to turn your existing socket into a “smart” one if the plug sticking out of the wall is annoying you (it drives me nuts).

OR, in this case LightwaveRF might be the good choice, but I don’t like that you can’t find out it’s state. Seems a bit dumb to me.

If you don’t mind ordering from China I managed to pick a couple of the Orvibo S20 sockets up for about £10 each from AliExpress.

They’re Wifi but what I like about them is that whenever their state is changed they send out a message to it’s subscribers to alert them of the change, so the status should stay in sync if you manually turn it on or off.

I’ve also started work on a OH2 binding.

Hi Thanks for the z-wave suggestions, I’ve been looking on Vesternet and considering buying the z-stick as it seems to work well with raspberrypi, but I’m unclear about which module relays are suitable for putting behind UK 13amp wall sockets?

Hmmm yeah they all seem to be 10amp.
Not sure of the implications of that.

it honestly wont matter unless its a socket used for an Iron / Tumbledryer or Kettle.