Smart Plug Recommendations

This is a little off-topic for this forum but on-topic for the category.

I have a need for a Wi-Fi smart plug (cloud connected is OK). This is in the US.

You need to be able to get the mac address and it needs to be able to connect to a network with no security key. It is restricted by mac address.

TP-Link does not work because it requires a network with a passphrase.

I believe tasmota supports no key. I say this because it will let me not type one in. I have not tried on an open network as all of my are secure.

There is a templates page for tasmota that sites plugs people have used, a-little reading would be required in which ones support tuya converts currently.

Want something that works as stock for a professor who is not tech savvy. This network is secured by MAC address for devices that do not work with Enterprise level 802.1X security.

Shelly plug support this. But you have to have the newest fw to be allowed to connect to network without password