Smart Swimming Pool

May be someone is interested in my implementation of a Smart Swimming Pool:

Looking forward for your comments.


Very nice setup, but I’m slightly scared of all those open power plugs where water might get in the way :see_no_evil:

Hi @hakan,

Thanks for your input. You are right with the power plugs. I had rearranged them later. Through this winter I want to replace them by Relais.

This looks great! I’m struggling to find a temperature sensor for my pool and your project is inspiring.
May I ask where did you place the pool water sensor? Is it placed directly in the pool water or did you place it in any pipes? And how long is the wire from the sensor to the controller?

thanks for sharing!

Hi @llegovich,

Thank you very much. I’m happy to inspire your project.
I placed the sensor for the pool temperature within the heat exchangers. Shure there is a disadvantage: if the pool pump is not active, the temperature is not the real one of the pool. But this is not really relevant because solar heating could be done only if the general pool pump is working.

The wire is for one sensor 1m for the second 3m.

I updated the project to version 2.0:

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i am just moving to a new house with a pool :slight_smile:
the heating is not my biggest concern , its the kids…

i am trying to have some kind of system that will prevent from dranwing

there are some systems but trying to fo the pocket way
anyway great smart pool , i also need to take care of the heating there
i will use your wisdom :slight_smile:


Nice project. Can you commit the full rules file :)?

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In version 2 I moved the rules from openHAB to the controller to be intepentend from openHAB and be more robust on bad WiFi connection.
The rules are splitters in several cpp-files starting with ‘Rule’ in source directory:

Mh. So you Switch the Logic from the rule file to the nodeMCU/esp. I understand. I don’t know if I should like it :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks for your reply. Can I flash it on a nodeMCU v3?

PS: i have some more questions. I don’t want control the things with cheap China Relais, so I have a smart wall plug for the pump. For Solar I haven’t an additional pump, I use a bypass with 24v motor. This will be controlled by a Shelly v1. Is it possible to use your firmware and switch this two MQTT devices instead of the releais?

Yes I moved the logic to the ESP because it is more robust in 24/7. If you prefer the logic in openHAB rules, you may have a look at my first version. There I had the logic within openHAB rules:

I think it should also be flashable to nodeMCU v3. Maybe you have to update platformio.ini.

In version 1 I used also some 433MHz controlled power plugs, but without feedback if they had switched their state I had to send the states every minute (on, on, on, …, off, off,…). To have better control, I updated this in version 2 using relais.

I think you should also be able to switch your Shelly. Maybe you create an transform rule to forward the controllers message to Shelly. Or you update the code of controller directly.

If you have more questions I think it would be a good idea to head over to the issue list of the controller to have these questions (and probably answers :slight_smile:) at the project:

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Hi @stritti,
Nice project. I am planning to build a pool this summer so I am looking for options to automate it.
Did you thought about integrating water quality adjustments?
Something similar to this:

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Looking forward to get some PullRequests :slight_smile: