Smart Switch/Plug for EU

Hello everyone.
I am new at Openhab, and I need your help.
I started to build my own smart room. but in my country I need EU plug.
And I cant really find EU SmartSwitch that work with MQTT & OpenHab.
*And if I found a few smart plug in my country where can I check if it’s work with openhab?

Last question, I want to be able to control my TV volume, and my air conditioner VIA IR commands, there is an item that can connect with openhab that send IR commands?


Thank you. About my other question :slight_smile: please.

That is possible, but depends on your hardware. For an overview type “ir commands” in the search box in the upper right.

Okay, I see I right now using Openhab, and wanted to be able to control my deivces by Infrared. but I can’t find any product that privde that and work with Openhab as well.
what should I do?

I just want to send IR commands inside my room , but I will be able to add that to my Openhab panel.

Search the forum for the hardware you intend to buy.

To give a few pointers, look at this binding or this one and the supported hardware.

Alternatively a RaspberryPI (or similar) with IR module/hat will also do, but needs a little more knowledge and tweaking.

Finally, you could leverage Logitech Harmony Hub that can control multiple devices and send complex commands.

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@CiZeR If you are into building a few things yourself, take a look at MySensors!

Here you can find simple circuits that send IR-signals and a lot of other stuff as well. Since you already plan to use MQTT, you could build an mqtt gateway to send and receive commands and sensor data to and from OpenHab. It is all based on low-cost Arduinos and use radio transmission to the gateway.

I am running a network of around 20 MySensors nodes, measuring temperature, humidity and a lot of other things in three geographical sites, all reporting over mqtt to my OH server at home.

First of all thank you so much.
I heared about Logitech Hub, but people told about the Broadlink Mini , that cheper and work with IR command and with Open hab, is that correct?