Smart Switchs

Hello Everyone,
My name is Jose Luis this is my first post in here. I am new over Home Automation.
As I am from Argentina, I do not have all the money to spend in this but as i am enthusiastic, I really really want to do it.
I want to buy touch wall switches, I have found a lot of them in Aliexpress, but most of them has their own app.

Does any ones if you can connect this kind of switch to openhab without using the manufacturer app?


Did you contact these companies to ask if they have an API to communicate with the hardware?

I have just send few emails, asking if their are accessibles from another software that is not their app.
Now, Waiting for a reply.

Note that these require neutral as well as as live. In countries such as UK, South Africa and many others, this is not normal… Replacing your existing ones for these option’s might not be possible. Double check before you buy that you have neutral.

If these are wifi - and it seems they are - you can probably put your own custom firmware on as they’ll use something like esp8266. Espurna is my favourite starting point. Buy one and experiment?

Hi Cripin,
I’m in the same position as Jouse in that I have just made a start with Openhab.
I have just fitted one of these WiFi dimmer switches but would like to use Openhab rather than the app. Could you (or anybody else) give a bit more information on the steps needed to get going.

Which ones did you buy? If they require neutral and you don’t have that available then you’re fresh out of luck.

if you can get the switch to function normally then you’re half way there to getting it working with OpenHAB :slight_smile:

I got this

it has a neutral connection. All up and running with app and manual operation.
I just need to work out where to go from here. I guess I need to work out what binding to use??

ChrisMcc, the link is not working

Crispin, What do you mean with neutral?

In argentina we have:

  • Live
  • Neutral
  • Earth

Which ones do you have in UK?

ah ok, so it’s working manually. Lucky you. :slight_smile:

So what is the brand? You need to see if it has an http api or mqtt subscriber. If it has either of those then you should be good.
If not, you will have to work out the protocol yourself with a sniffer.

What’s the brand - someone might know it.

Sorry Jouse, here it is again

Crispin, just checked through the ebay details and it states ‘Unbranded’ :slightly_frowning_face:

It says its compatible with Alexa, Google assistant, IFTTT so i assumed openhab

Nice! Thanks both of you! Understood

I will get in touch with you as soon as I have improvements.

Thank you very much both of you!

Look forward to that as I’m still stuck.
Thank you

The Lanbon switches use the internet to talk to servers in China, but there is also a LAN mode. It isn’t publicly documented. I have been reverse engineering the LAN protocol with some (but not complete) success. My solution, to my knowledge, only works with the three switches I have, but hopefully would work with more. I don’t have any more switches to test and no others have tested it yet. I have Java and Python code. It is at Lanbon light switches. The doco is Open Content, the code is under a BSD license. Feel free to use - but even better, send me any feedback you have! Best is solutions to the outstanding issues!

Cheers, Jan