Smartmeter Binding Thing configuration

Hey all,
I’ve a pretty strange problem.
If I configure the smartmeter thing via PaperUI everything works well.

However, if I’m trying the same via *.thing file, I got errors.
Here is my thing file:

Thing smartmeter:meter:BinderPower     [port="/dev/ttyUSB0", refresh=20, mode="D", baudrate="9600"] {
    //Type 1-0_0-0-0_255 : 1-0_0-0-0_255        
    //Type 1-0_1-8-0_255 : 1-0_1-8-0_255       
    //Type 1-0_2-8-0_255 : 1-0_2-8-0_255             
    Type 1-0_21-7-255_255 : 1-0_21-7-255_255
    Type 1-0_41-7-255_255 : 1-0_41-7-255_255
    Type 1-0_61-7-255_255 : 1-0_61-7-255_255             
    //Type 1-0_1-7-255_255 : 1-0_1-7-255_255
    //Type 1-0_96-5-5_255 : 1-0_96-5-5_255
    //Type 0-0_96-1-255_255 : 0-0_96-1-255_255


I got

2020-12-22 14:38:05.837 [WARN ] [.iec62056.Iec62056_21SerialConnector] - Exception while listening for mode D data message Received unexpected identification message start byte: 00
at org.openmuc.j62056.internal.IdentificationMessage.<init>( ~[bundleFile:?]
at org.openmuc.j62056.Iec21Port$ [bundleFile:?]

Seems to be a problem with the mode configuration. Any hint?

That is generally the recommended way to configure Things even if you use text files for other parts of OH. Things in text files are very error-prone.

I would not recommend it but you could configure the Thing through the UI & use restdocs to look at the underlying configuration to compare with what you try as a text configuration.