SmartThings, Alexa and other compatibility questions

Hi, I currently have a VeraLite zwave controller integrated with Openhab2 as well as some other custom devices. I like have OH2 as my “central” brain. I have been having issues with my VeraLite (its pretty old).

I was considering buying Samsung SmartThings as a replacement for the Veralite. I’m curious/confused as to how much SmartThings is a replacement for Veralite vs. a replacement for OH2? I’m also interested in how to make interacting with my devices easier with Alexa.

My thought process was a new setup where:

SmartThings directly connected with my zwave devices and Envisalink for my alarm.
OH2 connected with SmartThings (and its devices) and any custom MQTT devices I have.
Alexa only looked at OH2 for its interface to devices.

Does this make any sense?

If you are going to purchase something anyway and you want to use openHAB as the central controller, I would recommend getting a USB Zwave controller or a Zway controller and skip the SmartThings hub entirely. There have been a lot of discussion about SmartThings and integrating it with OH but if I remember correctly the integration was somewhat limited and unsatisfactory.