SmartThings contact sensor only showing Temperature from Alexa

I have SmartThings ZigBee contact sensors on all my doors and gates. These work great through my Echo Plus V2. Alexa reports Temperature and contact status. If I Bind these to OH through the Alexa Binding, I am only seeing the Temperature. If I bind one of these sensors directly to OH, I get Temp, Contact, RF, Battery. I would prefer to bind these to OH. But the distances are too great for direct link and the Echo Plus does not seem to Repeat the ZigBee to OH. Any ideas on getting the contact status from Alexa or getting these to repeat through the Echo Plus?

Samsung SmartThings GP-U999SJVLAAA Door & Window Multipurpose Sensor
Amazon Echo Plus V2
Raspberry PI 4B 4Gig
openHAB 2.5.9-1
HUSBZB-1 ZigBee Adapter