SmartThings Motion Sensor V4

Hi everyone,
I am new in this space, just got my first Zigbee sensor added to OH, Yay!

It is a SmartThings Motion Sensor V4 - motion + temperature.
OH identified it correctly, motion is working, but instead of Temperature channel, it is showing an illuminance channel with NaaN value

Any suggestions on how to get temperature displayed?

Welcome, Andrew!

Are those the only channels you see, or is there a “Show more” button on the right of the screen (in line with the “Channels” heading)? My suspicion is that the temperature channel is just hidden from view, but it’s easy to overlook that link in PaperUI when you’re just learning the interface.

It does not seem to be any other option in there here is the larger screenshot

Yep, definitely not there. I don’t have any Smartthings sensors, as I took someone else’s advice and avoided them. Speaking of whom…

@Andrew_Rowe, I know it’s been a long time since you poured gasoline on all of your Smartthings devices and lit them on fire, but did you ever try to hook up the sensors using Zigbee? :wink:

I’t a little hard to say why this isn’t detected. The binding tries to detect all the services during the binding startup, but maybe something failed and it didn’t find this? What do you see in the debug logs?

Yes I did and the smartthings sensors work good with Chris’s great zigbee binding

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