Smoke alarm FGSD-002 NULL value for alarm_battery and alarm system

Hello openHAB community.

I have bought a Fibaro FGSD-002 ZW5 v3.3 smoke alarm in my OH3. It’s connected to an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 Z-Wave controller. Both devices are detected by OH by auto discovery and the smoke alarm channels are available.
Everything works fine. Except I don’t get values (NULL) for alarm_battery (low battery) and alarm_switch (hardware failure alarm). All the other channels like alarm_smoke, sensor_temperature, battery-level work,… return values.

Does anyone know why alarm_battery and alarm_switch don’t return values?

Thank you in advance.

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Its a Z-Wave battery device. Wait for the interview.
Maybe its fixed tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

1 day later both values were still NULL. I did a self test of the device as following:
Press adn hold the B-button until LED glow white and short alarm sounds. Keep holding the button for an additional 3 seconds. LED colour changin to green and long beep mean positive result.
After this test alarm_battery changed from NULL to OFF.
alarm_switch remains NULL

I think I have the same sensors.
If you restart OH or reload the bindings all zwave items having status NULL.
The device itself does not know anything about the restart or reload.

A switch means that the device sends an update just when status changes, so sends just once ON or OFF.
It will never send repeatedly “I am OFF” just to inform controller.

So I guess until you have no real smoke alarm status will remain at NULL.
So make a fire and you will see that status changes :wink:
Just joking …

Hello Jan,

I would also like to get Figaro smoke sensor working on openhab 3.0.2. I also use a Z-Wave USB stick (ZMEEUZB1) from Aoetec.
Unfortunately I can not get the smoke sensors paired with the openhab.
How did you do that ?

BR Juergen

That is not currently possible, The 3.0.2 binding contains too old a database and the 3.1.0 SNAPSHOT versions are not compatible with 3.0.2. The database in the 3.0.x repo has since been updated but I do not know when they will release an updated 3.0.x build.