Smoke Detector Recommendation (WLAN or DECT ULE)

Hi Community, currently I’m using OpenHab 3.2 (docker image) in combination with an AVM FritzBox 7590 as “Smart Home Network Bridge” and my “general claim” is to integrate all SmartHome Devices into the two available wireless protocols (WLAN and DECT ULE). Are there any recommendations in this “wireless universe” for a new smoke detector which can be integrated via OpenHAB binding - it doesn’t matter whether it’s generic or vendor specific - but it should be compatible “out of the box” without soldering or firmware manipulation. Thanks and regards, B

I think you should try Google Nest Protect. It is one of the most popular smart home devices on the market today.

it is not supported by the nest binding as the Nest API does not support the Nest Protect Smoke detector.

Question is - why do you need this! :wink:

To put it simple: if there’s a fire/smoke → I want to be informed clear and loudly. So I use a set of GIRA fire/smoke sensors, which can be put together via cable. If one detects fire or smoke it’ll set an alarm on all. As I have one in every room (even basement), you’ll hear it.

I explicitly looked after good detectors and not if they’re openHAB-compatible! :wink:

Just a heads up and my 2 cents. What’s your use case for having a fire alarm in openHAB? What would you do? open up all blinds? ligthing up all lights? → I do that with a “panic” button in my (wired) KNX setup, so regardless: if I press that button my KNX will do that for me. What else would be useful?

on the other hand: if it’s vital => don’t rely on wireless! :wink:

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Valid questions. :wink: But it’s more simple than it seems. I don’t want to “rely” on the wireless functionality or activate the water tap automatically. :wink: It’s just for “monitoring” to see the detector is still active and more important - it has enough battery to let me sleep until next morning. (Two times in a row a had the low battery alarm during my deep sleep - waking up my little girl too. :wink: )

So maybe there are any alternatives which can at least transfer the “battery level” to OH.

Really good detectors last about 10 years on battery. And after 10 years I’ll replace them anyways as they collect dust and degrade.
The ones with removable batteries doesn’t have to, but are mostly not reliable in my experience.

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As @bagginstyrone said, get a Nest Protect. Not because it’s popular, but because it does its job extremely well. That’s what matters most with a life-safety device.

Google may not have included the Protect in their API, but it does so many things well that I couldn’t care less. This includes giving you ample warning about low batteries before it starts chirping at you.

There’s a lot more discussion in this thread.