Smoke sensor false alarm and z-wave strangeness

I had an incident during the night … a fibaro smoke sensor went off, and some of my z-wave devices turned on …I cant understand why… please advice…

As far as I know the fibaro smoke sensor is one way, so it would not be possible to “start” remotely (like if my openhab-machine would be hacked or something).
And then the other stuff that got turned on … I cant understand that either…I have no special rules connected to the fire alarm, just a broadcast notification to the phones…

2019-08-22 03:59:11.806 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Brandv2_larm changed from NULL to ON
2019-08-22 03:59:11.924 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - skrivaren changed from OFF to ON
2019-08-22 03:59:12.019 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Vardagsrummet1 changed from OFF to ON
2019-08-22 03:59:12.026 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - OV changed from OFF to ON through Vardagsrummet1
2019-08-22 03:59:12.051 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Sovrummet changed from OFF to ON
2019-08-22 03:59:12.073 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - BV changed from OFF to ON through Biblioteket
2019-08-22 03:59:12.079 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Biblioteket changed from OFF to ON

The smoke alarm can be configured to notify other devices. (That’s how it notifies openHAB).
Other devices can listen out for notifications directly on zwave, and act on them. It’s a good idea, e.g. turn on exit pathway lighting for a fire alarm.

openHAB gets to hear about all that as each device announces its new state, but is not involved.

As for false alarm, yeh that happens, sometimes its creepy crawlies.

Yes but I have checked in habmin (to my knowledge the only place to see stuff like that ? ) “association groups” and it’s just associated to openhab controller…
I have also checked the items that got turned on and they also don’t have any strange associations… very strange

For my Fibaro zwave switches I can set what it does during a general alarm, during a flood alarm, during a smoke alarm and so on. I’m not quite sure how that works exactly, but I imagine that whenever a smoke alarm “signal” is sent through the zwave network, the devices that can (like my Fibaro switches) pick up this signal and handle it as set in the device parameters.
I believe that the standard behaviour to a smoke alarm is to turn switches, so effectively the lights, on.

I got rid my fibaro smoke detectors, they had a nasty habit of sending false alarms :roll_eyes:

hm yeah but they were not exactly free :frowning::wink: have cleaned with compressed air now anyway…