Smoke sensor

I am about to leave my Fibaro Set up (HC2) and move over to openhab with parts from different suppliers. I have installed ten Fibaro smoke sensors (V2) for more than a year. Unfortunately eight out of ten caused one or more false alarm. The last one last night between 1:00 and 2:00 in our bedroom. Acceptance by my wife now: 0% So I have to look for other smoke sensors.
Can you recommend any? It does not need to have a temperature sensor (of course it would be nice). But it should be possible to integrate them into OpenHAB wireless (or just one cable e.g. In the cellar – if this sensor is connected to all others wireless).


I’m using these ones without issue, never had a false alarm, it fired one time we had a lot of smoke in the kitchen, they are ringing and sending a 433mhz signal at the same time:

Thanks for fast replay. Maybe i have to add that I live in Germany and the smoke sensors need a certificate (DIN…)

do you detect the 433mhz signal with a rfcomm receiver and binding ?

I detect it with OMG and OMG talk to OpenHAB through MQTT.
You can either use SONOFF RF bridge, Arduino or ESP8266.

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