Smooth z-wave dimmer

Hi all,

I’m looking for a high-quality plug-in z-wave dimming socket switch (UK socket preferable) which dims smoothly between commands from openHAB. My current device (TKB Home TZ67E) dims smoothly if it receives an ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ command, but ‘jumps’ immediately if sent a specific brightness level.

Other discussions seem to suggest that this can be partially mitigated with rules, but my efforts have been inconsistent, especially across different devices (i.e. different behaviour when controlling with HomeKit versus OpenHAB app versus http request).

Preferably, there is a software solution out there, but if someone knows a device which ‘smooths out’ all commands thrown at it, then that would be just dandy.

I know this is possible because I also have the TKB Home dual wall paddle, and the main light connected to it dims smoothly whether it’s sent and ‘ON’ command or any number.

Please shout out if you have a device which does this in socket form.