SMS / MMS messages from a rule

Is it possible to send an SMS or MMS message from Openhab?

I did see the sendSms function, however I cannot get this to work (perhaps an import that I am missing?)

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I used an USB 3G stick on my Raspberry to send SMS with openhab.
I wanted to send Alarm message even when power is down.
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Many (if not all US carriers) have an email account tied to your SMS. For example, on Verizon it is Just put your message in the subject line. You could essentially email a SMS message to yourself.

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You have to install and configure openHAB Cloud Connector to use that Action.

@RHINESEL, That’s the perfect solution, I can’t believe I didn’t know that! I set my Pi up with it’s own gmail address, now I can send MMS messages to myself and my wife (including images from the security cameras.

For anyone that’s interested, the SMS and MMS email addresses for AT&T are:


@rlkoshak, I do have the openHAB cloud connector (connected to the new, however the sendSms was not working for me. sendNotification did, however. No worries, using my carrier’s email addresses works perfectly and doesn’t cost anyone $.


My carrier (Mint SIM) does not appear to offer email to sms/mms gateway service. Does OH offer another working option?

Correction. Mint SIM does have a gateway but apparently their support folks don’t know it. Geez.

Have you posted this project somewhere?