SNMP Agent

My Scenario:
I have installed openHAB on the Raspberry PI which is a MODBUS master , and multiple Arduino as MODBUS slaves, openHAB get sensors values from Arduino well.
I want to send sensor value from Raspberry pi through the SNMP protocol to the SNMP manager(like : PRTG ,SolarWind, etc) on network.

How can i do that with openHAB?

With the exec binding and a small shell script which puts the info natively with snmpset

snmpset command is used for SNMP Client when you want to modify information on the remote host(SNMP Agent),
I want to make Raspberry pi as a SNMP Agent not a SNMP Clinet , in the other words raspberry pi send my own OID to Monitoring Software.
how can do this by openhab , it is possible?