SNMP Bindings

I would like to display info from My UPS in openhab. I have manage to get many working without any issue.

Item File Example

Number upsAdvBatteryCapacity "Current Battery Capacity: [%d%%]" (UPS) {snmp="<[]"}

All Items that are working are “Integers”. I cannot seam to get “gauge32” and “TimeTicker” working. This is the data type listed in the MIB browser for an APC Smart UPS 3000.

I have tried reading these as strings, but still nothing.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Just some feedback. Turned out to be a rookie mistake. When comparing the online documentation and mib browser, i eventually noticed that the was an extra .0 in the mib browser for the oid.

updated the oid and read the data as a string for the time.

Thank you,

kind regards