SNMP enhancement with version 3

Hi, I am currently trying to enhance the existing SNMP binding with the latest version 3.
For this version I need to configure the Snmp object with some authentication (username, password) and encryption (password) from the user. The Snmp object is currently created in the class.
I am currently struggling with how I can get the user data to the service class.
There is a SnmpServiceConfiguration with a traps port configuration. Unfortunately I could not find where I can change this configuration in the UI.
Does anyone can give me a hint how I can find this configuration in the UI?
If there is another way how that is done in openHAB I would be grateful for some hints.

My current changes for SNMPv3 you can find here (still work in progress): SNMPv3 changes

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I can’t answer the specific questions but the general approach for handling situations like this is for the binding to require a Bridge Thing which the user creates and configures with auth credentials and other relevant global level configs. Then Things associated with that Bridge are either autodiscovered (and appear in the inbox) or can be manually configured. Presumably they get the “global” config info from the Bridge Thing.

The MQTT binding is probably the closest analog if you need an example for how other bindings do this.

Are you referring to the port configuration that is available when you tick the advanced options checkbox in the thing configuration?

Thanks for the hint but this port configuration is used if the SNMP service on the target machine is running on a non standard port ( Standardport: 161).

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