SNMP no longer working after router and IP range change

I’ve upgraded to some Ubiquiti Unifi networking kit and at the same time changed my local IP range from 192.168.1.x to 192.168.10.x

For some reason SNMP in openHAB is no longer working and I can’t figure it out… I have searched high and low for any reference to the old IP addresses and changed them but still no luck…

Any ideas?

2019-11-02 13:56:06.704 [ERROR] [ab.binding.snmp.internal.SnmpBinding] - SNMP binding couldn't listen to Permission denied (Bind failed)

Snmp community strings? Devices have set them back to a default value. Also check for firewalls only permitting the old ip range.

Thanks Bruce, using the MIB Browser I can still browse the SNMP of my UPS with the exact same IP, Port and Community so I don’t think any of the new network gear is affecting things.

I’m running openHABianPi on a raspberry pi so I can only suspect something in there is remembering the old IP range or something?

That is just Debian Linux. I cannot think of anything like that.

I’ve never used the binding so I may be way off on my reply but log mentions permission denied and looking at the doc’s I found this.

“The standard port for receiving traps is 162, however binding to ports lower than 1024 is only allowed with privileged right on most *nix systems.”

I know your on raspberry pi but could something like this be the issue? See the doc here for how to redirect.

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True, but it appears to be trying to send no port 161. There could be the same permission issue.

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I noticed that as well but since I’v never used the binding I was keeping it short.:laughing: But pointing that out may help or lead to another clue.:crossed_fingers:

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SNMP, as far as I remember, is a v1 binding and it may retain its config even if you modified its .cfg file.
You could clear openHABs cache and let it reload its config from files.
Or, you can search the forum for “config:list”. I remeber using this in relation to mqtt v1 binding. Same thing… The binding had its configuration cached and had to use config:list command from console to view and then edit the config.

There are both. v1 & v2.

Thanks guys, I was not aware we had a V2 version so will look into that and also the caching issue…