SNMP values from firewall

I must have missed something beacuse display is blank.

I think I am collecting with items file entry

Number EthernetInOctets “IN [%d%%]” { snmp="<[]" }
Number EthernetOutOctets “OUT [%d%%]” { snmp=">[]" }

but display with stiemap entry below shows me NO numbers

Frame label="Internet Speed" icon="network" {
	Text item=EthernetInOctets label="Internet Download" icon="network"		
	Text item=EthernetOutOctets label="Internet Upload" icon="network"		


Don’t define a label in the sitemap, or at least set the label to display the value (that is adding [%d] to the label) :slight_smile:

Thanks. that fixed it. now to get it to display Mbs :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if java-script-transformation-service would work with snmp binding, you can give it a try. If not, I would suggest a proxy Item and a rule to do the maths.

How ave you convert

Octets to mb divide by 1000000 ? Thanks