So I am thinking of updating to openhab3

But I have some questions:
When I make a backup for openhab 2 and restore it in openhab 3, will it also restore the items, rules, things, sitemap I registered manually?
And everything will work normally? Or should I set from the beginning?

OH2 and OH3 use different folders, hence I would be surprised when restoring an OH2 based backup into an OH3 setup would work at all.
You should do a backup, no question about that. But it can only be used to go back to what you had before.

Your main question is basically something only you can answer. The answer depends on a lot of things, the size of your installation, your experience in adapting to newer concepts, technical options (e.g. to run an OH2 installation besides OH3 and combining them) etc.
You can upgrade OH2 to OH3 and most of the migration is being done during that process for you. But there are a few breaking changes that you need to tend to. Please consult the release notes.

If your available time is a constraint for you, the best option may be to install OH3 on a seperate device and combine it via the binding meant for that with your old OH2 installation. That way you can migrate everything bit by bit when time permits.

thanks for the reply,
That’s what I’ll do

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