So NOW I am confused about zwave and secure inclusion

(probably some "hold your mouth ‘just so’ logic"needed…)

  1. stock install of OH 2.3 on rpi3 via openhabian with (principally zwave thru Aeotec gen 5 stick)
  2. I need to get a secure install of a Yale pushbutton zwave lock operating in the item space…
  3. standard zwave installation finds the lock after inclusion BUT rejects open/close (unlock/lock) operations ? because stock 2.3 does not deal with secure inclusion of locks (??)
  4. have tried everything (up to and including) wipe the SD card, do a native installation, add the test zwave lib into the addons directory with NO other zwave refs. Still no joy.

Any suggestions ?

Secure inclusion is not Security.

You need to use the latest “non-stable” build of the binding In the big zwave thread to get security which will allow for lock control.

See here -:

The first few messages provide install information…