Solaredge - Error message in log on updating

I have the solaredge binding installed using the official Solaredge API. This has been working without problem for several months now.
Today I noticed an error message in my logs: [ERROR] [pse.smarthome.model.script.solaredge] - update. The error seems to appear at every Solaredge update. Could there be something wrong or is the binding using the error log to signal regular updates? I can’t remember seeing this error message before.
Does anybody else gets this error message?

I’ve been with solar edge for several years now and I find their bridge/server reliability to be somewhere just below abysmal. Maybe it’s just my system of my bridge, but for instance right now, at 4 pm on a 110F day in Arizona the api reports I am generating 0W (if I go check my inverter it will give me the actual number). It’ll be like this for a few days and then it will catch up again and work fine for a week.

I don’t see the same error you’re getting at the moment, but with solar edge my first guess is that the problem is on their end.