Solarman app add to openhab

Hi, i have question is there a addon/binding to add solarman app inverter to openhab via api ? inverter is at my mother house so i cant acces it via local ip i get api from solarman just i don’t know what to do next :confused:

I don’t know this device but let’s assume that there is only local access to the device.

Given that, you have a few options as far as I can surmise, one good one, one colossally bad one, and some other not so bad ones.

The good option is to set up a VPN connection. This is an encrypted tunnel across the Internet so the computer at your mother’s house will appear as if it were locally accessible. There are lots of options but perhaps the easiest to install and configure is Tailscale. This is how I access the RPi I have at my dad’s house. Then your local OH can access the remote API as if it were on your local area network.

A colossally bad option would be to expose the solarman device to the Internet. Please don’t do this.

Some other options that require more work but could be done safely:

  • deploy an instance of OH at your mother’s house with a unique account on and access and control the solarman through that

  • expose the solarman to the internet through a well configured reverse proxy; you’ll need dyndns set up so you can reliably get back to the machine when it’s IP address changes

  • Using a public MQTT Broker you could configure the MQTT Event Bus rule templates to link a remote OH and your local OH together.

i though about it just i seen addon to homeassistant to connect via page solarman and i fought i can find something like this to openhab without adding any more devices at my mother house.

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