SolarPV (solarEdge), Battery and Pre Heating Hot Water


I am now to openHab and plan a project which will allow me to use energy which will be stored in a 10KWh battery (charged via Solar PV - SolarEdge system). The basics are :

  1. Check charge in battery at e.g. 4am.
  2. If sufficient charge then trigger a relay/switch via e.g wifi/zigbee which will provide electricity to a hot water tank with a 3KW element.

I will be using the SolarEdge binding to poll the battery to assess the state of charge. The help I need is :

  1. Examples of a similar project which i can use as a base.
  2. Recommendation for a relay/RF interface I can use to trigger the electricity to the element.

I have ordered a Raspberry Pi which will be the server.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve moved your topic to another category. It seems your asking for help with both rules and hardware though, so hopefully this one will work for you. The Tutorials category should be used when you are providing the tutorial… not when you’re asking for one. :wink:

Hi there,
I have a similar “project”. I have the solaredge binding running to get all data from the PV. Now I would like to implement logic if my consumption is less than production. This can be heating up water and so on…
Did you managed what planned to do? Can you share it?

Hi Scott,

I ended up buying the solaredge Hot Water product. This diverts excess solar energy to the immersion heater. I also installed a bypass valve which diverts hot water directly to the taps if the water in the tank is above a certain temperature. If the water in the tank is below a certain temperature it is diverted to my gas combi boiler. This was I can benefit from solar hot water but always have the combi on hand as back up.

Let me know if you want more details.