Solax binding


This is a OpenHAB binding for a Solax Wi-fi modules that have the option to be connected directly via HTTP (firmware version 3.x+).
Please note that earlier firmware releases do not support direct connection.

Currently the Solax cloud services provide an update on every 5 minutes (sometimes even more) and they also happen to be down sometimes, which makes it hard to automate the decision making by OpenHAB if we have more complex rules.
For example: I want to charge my car if the battery of my inverter is 90%+ and my overall consumption is only from the solar power.
The binding retrieves structured data from the wifi module, parses it and pushes it in to a inverter thing where each channel represents a specific information (inverter output power, voltage, PV1 power, etc)

The required configuration for the local connect bridge has the following parameters:

  • Hostname/IP address of the wi-fi module (can be any IP address from internal DHCP wi-fi network) [String]
  • The serial number of the Wi-fi module is the default password (not sure if it can be changed) [String]
  • Time interval to poll the data from the module [number in seconds]

Please give it a try and provide me a feedback if it works for you. I will update the releases as soon as I implement some of the backlog.

Future Backlog

  • Create a
  • Implement an internal, summarized statistics for each minute for the consumption channels (power in Wh for 1 minute)
  • Implement another bridge that supports connection also to the cloud for earlier releases of the firmware(before 3.x) to align both options using the same model


Version 4.0.0-alpha2

  • Added discovery service

Version 4.0.0-alpha1

  • initial release


The release: solax_v4.0.0-Alpha2

The work in progress branch: GitHub - theater/openhab-addons at Solax_binding

The PR: [solax][WIP] Initial contribution by theater · Pull Request #14880 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub