SOLUTION: Link Doorbird app relay button to OpenHAB

Would this work to get keypad events from the door bird? The API documentation has stated they were coming soon to the http commands for about the last 2 years at least so I’ve looking for a way to get them into openhab.

Hi @xeroiv ,
If you can set up an event in the Doorbird admin page, you can set up a corresponding event in openHAB - I’m assuming you are working with a larger Doorbird if you are talking about a keypad? I have only the D101S, and the guide above pretty much maps out what you would need to do to tie an event to a doorbell button press - if there’s a similar function for your Doorbird, you should be good to go!

Hi @wosch87 - I think @chrode is right, it sounds like something isn’t right with your setup (I’m not sure what exactly). My understanding (and how it appears to work in my install) is that once you have the Doorbird configured, it is making the calls itself (from within your LAN), and so it should work the same with respect to your openHAB instance when you trigger the door release from the app, even outside the network.

One thing to keep in mind is that I don’t think the Doorbird can make advanced REST calls, it’s really just hitting a particular web address, so I don’t think it will work with the REST API - this is why you need to install the basicui as part of this guide.

You might want to check you don’t have your Doorbird app in ‘LAN only mode’ (first page of settings in the app) - I don’t know what impact this would have, but I can imagine it might produce the result you get.

Hi @chrode and @S13_Mills!

To be honest, I am not 100% sure what I did when I tried to get it working a few month ago. It defenitly did work within my local network but not outside of it (shut of WIFI on my mobile). However, I now tried again and you guys are right - it is working like a charm! :slight_smile:

I am wondering if there was an issue within my network since I switched to another provider and I am using a Fritzbox since 3 weeks or so :thinking:

Thank you both for your support!

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