[Solved] 2/10/2017 ZWave Binding Broke ALL Switch Things

Okay, I have no idea ā€¦

Making a snapshot binding work on a stable release is not a good idea.

If you want snapshot features, you should use the snapshot runtime.

okey tanks for your help i will try and if sombody els can help

You need to install the serial binding.

I tried the snapshot today and Iā€™m getting the same thing. Reinstalled the binding and everything else in this thread but nothing.

205 | Active | 80 | | ZWave Binding

2017-05-04 20:11:29.246 [WARN ] [.core.thing.binding.BaseThingHandler] - Error while applying configuration changes: 'IllegalStateException: Timer already cancelled.' - reverting configuration changes on thing 'zwave:device:500632da:node2'.
2017-05-04 20:11:29.261 [ERROR] [ome.io.rest.core.thing.ThingResource] - Exception during HTTP PUT request for update config at 'things/zwave:device:500632da:node2/config' for thing 'zwave:device:500632da:node2': Timer already cancelled.