[SOLVED] 5V PSU led strip

I have bought a WS2812B ledstrip (5m 30leds/m) and a 5V10A psu. During my first test my lights (well at least the first few) go crazy.

I also notice the PSU make a chirping cricket noise and the green led is not stable. Nor seems the output voltage to be stable.

I make a quick video:

Am i doing something wrong or do i have a faulty psu ?

This relates to supporting openHAB how?
This is an openHAB forum not a generic Home Automation one.

Some power supplies require a load to function properly.

Some power supplies require you to connect a voltage-sensing terminal to the supply.

This is not an openHAB question.

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Turn it off and put it in the bin.
Anything electrical making that kind of noise is DANGEROUS

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This is in fact the -> Hardware <- -> DIY <- area of this forum.

He is asking about a hardware he wants to implement himself.
So there es exactly no problem with his question here Bruce…


FYI: I sent it back, got a new one and this one is behaving as expected !